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First Blog Entry

Thursday 12th November 2020

Hello this is Juliet, I own Winning Walkies, named after Winston (Winnie a Golden retriever my Dad called him Winner).2016 was a sad year because  Winnine Died and then my Dad died a few months later of a heart attack. Winning Walkies  started in 2009. I only have 3 dogs on my books since covid 19, but am happy to be starting my Julietsart business. Dogs make me happy. I have another Golden retriever, who is four already, I don't know where the time goes.

 I would love to hear all your dog stories and add them to my blog.

Or if you just need someone to talk to about a dog for any reason, please email me and l will email you back privately.

Take care, All the best Juliet

Our Latest Blog Entry

27/12/ 2020

It's been such a strange year with COVID 19 taking over the world. Anyone with a dog will know, any sanity we have is thanks to them getting us out on long walks in the beautiful country side. I explored all my local area in the first lockdown. luckily my husband, daughter, dog and I had only been here a short time, so there was lots to explore. My daughter and I were very lucky and saw young Badgers and a Mole on our walks. I don't know how we were so lucky with our big Golden bouncing around. 

Happy New Year

6th January 2021

Hope this finds you well and happy. I'm currently working on a pastel drawing of  a retriever I walk out of lock down. We are in another lock down, but looking on the bright side, we are getting more time to spend with our dogs. Unless you are a key worker in which case I thank you for all you do . To all parents and relatives home schooling, do your best but don't fret, we will get through this .                                 :-)