J​uliet's Ar​t​​​​​

Home From Home 

I ran Winning Walkies for 13 years. I love and loved every dog I walked. I started my business with Winnie. It was called Winning walkies, because my Dad called Winston, Winner. During covid lockdown and after a fall. I decided to close the business and concentrate on my art

What customers thought

Juliet has now been looking after our dog, Boomer for over five years and we cannot recommend her enough! She is extremely reliable and Boomer is always excited when she arrives with Winnie, for his lunchtime walk. We trust Juliet 100% to give our dog the best love and care possible and it is always lovely to see the photographs, which she regularly sends us, to see for ourselves, how much fun he is having with his furry friends! She is great! So, if you are trying to find someone to look after your precious pal, then look no further than Juliet!Click this text to edit. Choose a customer testimonial, review or a quote from the media to give prospective buyers confidence in your brand, your products and/or your customer service.